Smart Strategies To Prepare For JEE

By | April 3, 2018

Smart Strategies To Prepare For JEE JEE is one of the most challenging and prestigious examinations conducted in India. It is a national level entrance examination for students who are aspiring to get admission into the best engineering colleges in the country. Students who are preparing forJEE Mains and JEE Advanced must work hard and focus on every section to score well in the entrance exam. But along with hard work, students must follow a well-planned study strategy to prepare more effectively for JEE. Some smart strategies to prepare for JEE is given in the points mentioned below.

Know the syllabus

The first step that every aspirant must take is checking the entire exam syllabus. After getting familiar with the JEE syllabus, students can start planning their preparation. Knowing the syllabus will also make students thorough with the important chapters and topics they must study.

Focus on important topics

Students are advised to focus more on the important topics of the exam syllabus. They must understand the concepts of these topics properly to score high marks in the examination. Some important topics of physics, chemistry, and maths are mechanics, electricity, and magnetism, thermal physics, modern physics, optics, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical geometry, trigonometry, algebra, integral calculus, vectors.

Follow timetable

After analyzing the exam syllabus and the important topics, students must create a proper timetable so that they can start preparing in a planned manner. The timetable should be created in such a way that all the topics of the JEE syllabus are included in it. Students are suggested to focus more on the important topics. Following a timetable will also build confidence in students and they can prepare for the exam more efficiently.

Practice question papers

This is one of the most effective methods to prepare for a competitive entrance exam. Students who are preparing forJEE exam should make a habit of solving JEE sample papers and previous year question papers regularly. This will help them get an idea about the exam pattern and the marking scheme of JEE. Solving question paper on a regular basis will also develop the time management skills and accuracy of students.

Students can follow these preparation strategies while preparing for JEE Exam. Subscribe to BYJU’S and watch engaging JEE preparation video lessons and prepare for the exam in a better way.

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