What you need to Join Indian Navy?

By | June 3, 2018

What you need to Join Indian Navy? Indian Navy is one of the toughest job in the Indian Armed Forces. So if you want to join here, then there are some things which you want to possess in yourself. If you aspire Navy jobs, then you should read this post at the end. This will provide you all the details from here.

Indian Navy jobs are mainly based on the ships and sub-marines. The people who join Indian Navy are generally called as sea-man. So you need to be physically fit in your way to cross all the obstacles in your life.

Education Qualification in Indian Navy

Indian Navy seeks the right eligibility for the posts it advertises. If you are one of the candidate whose education background is good, then you can see the posts given in the Indian Navy. The next thing comes in the same is physical standards.

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Physical Standards in Indian Navy


The height of candidate must be 157 cms for males and 152 cms for females. The age of candidate must be 18 years.

Anthropometric Measurement

The most acceptable standard for the Naval entries are given as.

  1. Minimum height – 162.5 cm.
  2. Sitting height – Minimum 81.5 cm & Maximum 96.0 cm.
  3. Leg Length – Minimum 99.0 cm & Maximum 120.0 cm.
  4. Thigh Length Maximum 64.0 cm.
  5. Height, Weight Standard (Male)
Age in Yrs Height in CM Present Weight in KG
15 165 48
30 175 65
32 175 64
18 180 62

Visual Standard

The eyes of candidate must be 6’.6’’. It can be amended from ‘-75’ to ‘-0.75’. ‘IT/Musician’ be included under Law/Logo/Edu

Keratorefractory Surgery

This is a quite complicated term to explain. As per the Official information of Indian Navy. It has been amended as

  • less than 25.0mm’ be amended to less than or equal to 25.0mm’ Para
  • be amended to individual with refractive errors less than 6D prior to LASIK”

Note:- The above information on medical standards is a guideline only. The final decision will be decided by the medical board on completion of SSB and After Clear Indian navy Exam.

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